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What Why

Developer Smackdown was started in early 2009 by Clark Sell and Mark Nichols. We published our first show that June and have tried to publish at least 2 shows a month since. To date we have seen positive growth quarter over quarter.  As of February 2011 we have produced 40 shows that  are listeners across 26 countries receiving ~20k downloads overall of which ~16k of those were unique. We don’t consider ourselves podcasters but since we have started, we’ve really found a passion for it. We try to keep it each show fresh, educational and fun, leaving you looking for more.  It doesn’t always work but we are getting better at it.  If you’re interested in sponsoring or donating to the show please email us.

Questions we often get:

  • Why is your podcast marked explicit? Well sometimes we have been known to swear.  Because of that, we felt marking the podcast explicitly was appropriate.
  • How many people run Developer Smackdown? That is easy 2.
  • How long does it take to create a show?  Anywhere between 3 – 8 hours.
  • I have an idea for the show? Awesome, just email us. Please realize we do try to run a queue of shows and topics.
  • Can I be on the show? Maybe? Ok Sure?  We are completely open to having people on the show, just email us.
  • What is your web site? Our site is ASP.NET MVC3 with RAZOR. It’s all custom built and is a work in progress.  It has been ASP.NET MVC since before MVC released RTM.
  • Is it true you like to enjoy a cocktail while recording? Of course. We have day jobs too.
  • Your audio quality sometimes sucks. We know, and we hate it.  We're not audio engineers, we're developers. We’re constantly learning about this audio thing and strive for perfection. We are always looking for help, mentoring or advice so if this struck a cord please speak up.
  • I would like to sponsor a show. Awesome, we would like you too.  Just email us for more sponsorship details.

As always, follow us on twitter at devSmackdown or shoot us an email.

Clark Sell

Microsoft | Senior Developer Evangelist

Name a role in the software industry, and Clark has probably played it. He started as a Y2K tester and has since worked as a developer, lead, “build monkey,” solutions architect and product manager. His professional sweet spot however, lies in designing and building software solutions that make life easier – there’s no chance for boredom and constant opportunities for growth. Clark is MCSD certified and received top Microsoft honors with the Circle of Excellence Award. He’s a graduate of Western Illinois University and before joining Microsoft in 2005, he served as a solutions architect at Allstate Insurance Company. As a senior developer evangelist and Visual Studio team system ranger, Clark brings a good dose of humor and a zest for life to the podium. You can hear Clark’s technical musings on “The Smackdown” at DeveloperSmackdown.com and The Thirsty Developer podcast – or find him getting grease under his nails in the garage. Clark’s a muscle car fanatic who’s currently finishing a body-off restoration of his 1970 Chevrolet Camaro while driving his 1968 Camaro SS.

Blog: csell.net
Twitter: csell5

Mark Nichols

Microsoft | Senior Consultant

Mark has been in technology for far longer than he cares to admit.  He has 2 degrees in Computer Science - the first, a B.S. is from Quincy University in western Illinois.  Why there? Well, it’s a small Franciscan Catholic college and his mother mentioned visions of him becoming the first American Pope. He’s still not sure if she was really serious.  His Masters in CompSci (with high honors) was from DePaul University in Chicago in 2005.  He worked for many years for Accenture (Andersen Consulting) and even had his own successful consulting firm for 6 years.  Since 2006, in his day job at Microsoft, he serves clients as a Senior Consultant and Visual Studio ALM Ranger developing solutions and promoting AppDev management techniques.  At night, he fights crime…no wait, outside of work he cohosts “The Smackdown” at DeveloperSmackdown.com.  And, like his podcasting counterpart, he spends many hours and too many dollars busting knuckles in the garage on his car (an ’86 mid-engine Pontiac Fiero GT with an oversized V8).

Blog: marknic.net
Twitter: mark_nic