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63 Organizing a Conference with CodeManiacs Ian Randall and Ben Gracewood

Published: 12/15/2011

In this episode, Clark and Mark talk across a lot of time zones to Ian Randall and Ben Gracewood about how to set up and organize a technical conference. Ian and Ben are creating “CodeMania” which is a developer’s conference slated for March 2012 in Aukland, New Zealand. This is an interesting behind-the-scenes view of what goes through the minds of organizers trying to create the ultimate technical discussion and learning environment.

Show Notes

Ian Randall - @kiwipom

Ian Randall has been involved in software since the mid 80's, and professionally since 1997. He's written code in Basic, C, C++ and more recently in C# with WinForms and WPF. He has been at Datacom Systems Ltd in Auckland for over 5 years. He’s been a BA, QA, PM and TL but didn’t like any of them, and is happy now being ‘Software Developer’ He blogs (semi)regularly on and is co-creator of codemania

Ben Gracewood - @nzben

Ben is a recovering manager, a coder at Intergen, and a hardened veteran cat herder (aka conference organiser).




Links mentioned during the show:

CodeMania – A Conference for Developers




ThatConference is a brand new conference coming to the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells on August 13th, 14th, 15th of 2012. This is a conference is founded by Developers who want to create the conference they’ve always want to go to and for a price that’s easy to justify to your boss. First and foremost this is a developer’s conference. 3 days of any technology and nothing but code. You can find more at

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