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62 Arduino and Netduino with a Couple of Microcontroller Geeks

Published: 10/26/2011

In this version, we grab a table at the local pub and talk microcontrollers. Brothers, Min and Lwin Maung walk us through the Arduino and Netduino revolution. By the end of the show, we decided to hack Clark’s garage door. We will save that for another show.

Show Notes

Accolade Systems

Accolade Systems is a startup based in Northbrook, Illinois. Accolade supports small and mid size businesses and they are experts in creating mobile applications. They are currently in the process of creating an automotive infotainment system as well as event planning and management system. They are also experts in VoIP technologies and have installed VoIP servers and phone systems for ISPs in Chicago. In the past members of the Accolade team have built and installed servers for local Chicago businesses as well as NGOs all over the world.

Min Maung

In his "spare" time, Min Maung is a skilled, cross-platform mobile developer, aggressive hackathon competitor and presenter. Enamored with the Window Phone UI, Min co-created the first Metro UI launcher for Android, featured on Engadget. He's soon to publish “check in”, an Eventbrite driven application and currently developing several Windows phone applications . When he's not coding, he's building robots. Monday through Friday, you'll find Min at a leading, privately-held payroll and HR sofware solutions company, cranking out .Net code and writing apps in ASP.Net, Silverlight, and other .Net solutions.

Lwin Maung

Lwin Maung is a developer and principal at Accolade Systems, a Chicagoland IT consulting startup. He is a developer of mobile applications. He also secures servers, enable VOIP and SIP solutions, and designs networks for small businesses. In his free time, Lwin plays with microcontrollers. Lwin teamed up with his brother, Min, to win several hackathons. Together, they've developed multiple cross-platform mobile apps.

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