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60 Talkin Twilio and Telephony with Keith Casey and John Sheehan

Published: 9/7/2011

In this version Mark and Clark talk to Keith Casey and John Sheehan of Twilio. Keith and John are Twilio evangelists who talk to developers and help them create reliable and scalable voice and text messaging apps with Twilio technology.

Show Notes


Twilio provides infrastructure APIs for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps.

Keith Casey

Keith Casey has been a developer for over a decade serving in roles ranging from leading distributed teams through major product releases to replacing tabs with spaces. In his current role, he gets to explore new and creative uses of the Twilio API.
Twitter: @CaseySoftware

John Sheehan

John launched his career in software when he was 15 by selling practical joke software as shareware on CompuServe and AOL. Since then he’s had stints in desktop support, corporate IT, and systems administration eventually finding his calling building web apps. By day John helps the Twilio community build great things. By night John loves spending time with his wife exploring San Francisco and playing and watching sports. You can find him online working on his award-winning open source project RestSharp, co-hosting the Overload Show, or chirping away about APIs, REST, .NET and more on Twitter.
Twitter: @johnsheehan



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