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59 Building with FrogSlayer's Sam Hooker

Published: 8/31/2011

In this version Mark and Clark sit down with FrogSlayer’s Sam Hooker. We talk to Sam about how he took the creative built by Drifting Creatives and built

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FrogSlayer is a full-service software consulting and development firm that specializes in Microsoft .Net. Based in Round Rock, TX, the company works with a variety of companies in the health care, oil & gas and data security industries, to name a few. From architecture to design to development, FrogSlayer can handle any or all of the effort to move software from concept to finish.

Sam Hooker

Sam is the head of FrogSlayer’s creative department. He has worked in the IT sector in several roles over the past decade, including web and graphics design, network administration, marketing and web consulting. He joined FrogSlayer in early 2009 to do our marketing, and his vast experience and versatility has proven to be invaluable. He is our leading expert in graphics and web design. He’s been playing D&D for 25 years.


  1. FrogSlayer Software Development
  2. Drifting Creatives
  3. HTML5.tx Conference
  4. WordPress
  5. Modernizr
  7. W3Schools
  8. Dive Into HTML 5
  9. Expression Web (with SuperPreview)
  10. WebMatrix
  11. XAMPP



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