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58 A few beers and JavaScript with Brandon Satrom

Published: 8/24/2011

What do you do when your on the road at 1AM? Easy, talk about JavaScript after after imbibing on a few cocktails. Clark and Brandon explore the resurgence of JavaScript today and talk about a number of populate JavaScript tools. Brandon even decides to show off his beat boxing skills.

Show Notes

whois Brandon Satrom?

Brandon is a web evangelist for Microsoft, based in Austin, TX. A unapologetic lover of the web, Brandon loves to talk about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Open Source and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on (like CoffeeScript). Brandon loves writing and speaking and loves hanging out with and learning from other passionate developers.

Brandon’s Blog



  1. UA Sniffing
  2. Feature detection with Modernizr or YepNope.js
  3. CoffeeScript
  4. jQuery
  5. Knockout.js
  6. Steve Sanderson’s Blog
  7. Backbone.js
  8. Derick Bailey’s Blog
  9. Knockout.Unobtrusive
  10. Mindscape Web Workbench, Download Link
  11. NodeJS
  12. Douglas Crockford on JavaScript Performance


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