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53 Building CTA Watch for Windows Phone with Matt Hidinger

Published: 7/20/2011

In this show, Mark and Clark sit down with Matt Hidinger and talk about the building CTA Watch for Windows Phone 7. Matt discusses his experiences over this past year and shares a great deal of passion about the platform.

Show Notes

whois Matt Hidinger

Matt Hidinger is a software developer and enthusiast. He is currently doing .NET consulting at Triton-Tek focusing on ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and Windows Phone. Matt can be found on twitter @MattHidinger and blogging at

If you’re in Chicago and love Windows Phone or MVC development, be sure to reach out to his company, as they are always looking for rockstar devs who love writing code.

What is CTA Watch?

Never miss a bus or a train again. Never find yourself waiting and freezing at a stop in the harsh Chicago winters. With CTA Watch you will always know the perfect time to leave your home or office. By tapping into real-time transit information for all of the CTA's buses or trains, CTA Watch can locate nearby stops and quickly give you the next arrivals with minimal effort. We fully embrace the glance-and-go philosophy of Window Phone, allowing you to mark your most frequently traveled routes and stops as Favorites. Now every time you launch CTA Watch it will automatically display the Next Arrivals right on your home screen, so you can get in, get out, and back to life.

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