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50 Developer Smackdown is 2 and we just hit show #50!! How do you learn?

Published: 6/17/2011

Thank you for the support, Developer Smackdown is 2!?!? Yes you heard it right. 50 shows in 2 years. Clark and Mark start the show musing a bit and then dive into how might you learn using NuGet as an example.

Show Notes

Thank you for all the support over the past 2 years. For our 2 year anniversary and show #50 we went to our old watering hole, Hooters in Schaumburg.  Sorry for the background noise, I guess it’s part of the experience.

Clark has been asking a lot of questions these days and the current one is “how do you learn”? Using NuGet as an example Clark and Mark explore how people might in fact learn of NuGet’s existence and why that might be the case. You can find more about NuGet at

Travis and Ian, we love you guys! Keep up all the awesome you do.


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