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49 Solus: Technology to Help with Peace of Mind

Published: 5/20/2011

In this episode we get a little serious and talk to Nick Pearson, Mike Price and Nishanth Samala about an application they are working on to help friends and loved ones use targeted communications when a medical “situation” make things exceedingly difficult.

Show Notes

Nishanth, Nick and Mike are 3, about to be sophomore, college students that recently won a hackathon in Chicago by creating prototype applications and services that would allow various forms of communication using the cloud and mobile applications by a family (and others) in a crisis situation.

We also share some real and very personal experiences of the Smackdown hosts to drive home some of the real benefits of this type of technology.

On the techy side of things we discuss the MS/.NET stack that they used:

Guest Bio’s

Nick Pearson:

I am 19 years old and just finished my first year at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.  I am majoring in chemical engineering and work with the Windows Phone as a hobby.  I started programming as a freshman in college, where I learned the basics of Python, Matlab, and C.  Michael and Nishanth introduced me to the Windows Phone as well as C#, and with their help I have learned a lot and become a member of their team in the development of Solus. 

Michael Price:

I just finished my freshman year at Purdue University studying Computer Engineering. I started self-teaching myself Java about 3 years ago from now, and started .NET development just about a year ago. I’m relatively young for my grade going into sophomore year at 18. Although I’ve recently been too busy to update it, my blog is over at I started developing apps for the WP7 platform at the start of the year and since then have created 4 apps with the time I could find. I just finished another one in testing and plan on making many more. You can find my apps by searching my developer name, PriceXperience. I currently am focusing on creating more apps and improving my piano skills. My interests mainly surround technology and music. My goals are to graduate and either start up my own company or find my way into one of the big technology companies  as a software engineer, but of course my dream job is to work for Microsoft in that area.


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