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46 Unicorn Rhinos, Mexican Martini's, and 2 My Style Community Tacos

Published: 4/8/2011

WARNING * WARNING * WARNING, this is a LONG show which is RAW and unfiltered. If you have small children present, you’ve been warned. During SxSW Clark sat down with Keith Casey, Jeff Blankenburg and Brandon Satrom and talked community. Each of us represent different technical communities and different areas across the United States. Clark attempts to get to the heart of what does and doesn’t work in their respective communities.

Show Notes



Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, based in Austin, TX. He has eleven years of industry experience, splitting his time evenly between consulting/service organizations and internal IT shops before joining Microsoft in June of 2010. A Software and Enterprise Architect, Brandon has worked on projects of all shapes for companies large and small, most recently using technologies such as WCF, WF and ASP.NET MVC with a healthy dose of OSS. Brandon loves writing and speaking, and has written articles for The Architecture Journal and MSDN Magazine. He lives in Austin with his wife and son and blogs about software architecture and development at


Keith Casey

D. Keith Casey, Jr. has been a PHP developer for over six years and was a professional agitator within the Washington, DC until he decided to explore Austin, TX this past summer.

To pay the bills, he works as the Chief Stuff Breaker of Blue Parabola, LLC and has developed large-scale PHP-based systems for organizations ranging from major news media companies to US telecoms to small non-profits. In his spare time, he is a core contributor to web2project, works to build and support the Austin PHP community, blogs regularly at and is completely fascinated by monkeys.


Jeff Blankenburg

Jeff Blankenburg is an ultra-passionate web developer who works for Microsoft. As a Developer Evangelist, he has the unique responsibility to consult and advise software developers about the new tools, technologies, and practices available to them. Jeff's previous roles as a software developer allowed him to build industry-changing websites and marketing efforts for Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ford Motor Company, Sony, and several major pharmaceutical companies. Through many major speaking engagements and an active, technically-focused blog, Jeff has established himself as a valuable resource to anyone writing software or looking for advice on their next software endeavor. You can read Jeff’s blog at

You can see Brandon’s hipster unicorn rhino shirt here: Also a big shout out to friend of the show Cori Drew.  Her passion for learning and community is infectious.

Conferences, User Groups mentioned during this show:



ThatConference is a brand new conference coming to the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells on August 13th, 14th, 15th of 2012. This is a conference is founded by Developers who want to create the conference they’ve always want to go to and for a price that’s easy to justify to your boss.  First and foremost this is a developer’s conference.  3 days of any technology and nothing but code.

You can find more at

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