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45 Assert.OhNoHeDidn’t( BDD with Brandon Satrom and Sara Summers );

Published: 4/1/2011

Live from the SxSW show floor, Clark talks with 2 native hipsters, Brandon Satrom and Sara Summers about Behavior Driven Development or BDD for short.

Show Notes:

whois Brandon Satrom

Brandon Satrom is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, based in Austin, TX. He has eleven years of industry experience, splitting his time evenly between consulting/service organizations and internal IT shops before joining Microsoft in June of 2010. A Software and Enterprise Architect, Brandon has worked on projects of all shapes for companies large and small, most recently using technologies such as WCF, WF and ASP.NET MVC with a healthy dose of OSS. Brandon loves writing and speaking, and has written articles for The Architecture Journal and MSDN Magazine. He lives in Austin with his wife and son and blogs about software architecture and development at

whois Sara Summers

Sara Summers is a User Experience Evangelist for Microsoft based out of Austin, TX. Sara recently coauthored a book for experience designers, entitled Dynamic Prototyping, on bookshelves now. She has a personal mantra of design democracy – happy, healthy designers and developers working and playing together to create beautiful, inspirational products. Sara speaks often and loves to talk about big ideas, changing everything, breaking your toys, throwing away your designs and capturing new ideas. In search for the best design process recipes she has worked for several renowned agencies; Frog Design, Young Rubicam, Projekt202, and with good people like; AMD, HP, Logitech, Microsoft, Motorola, NFL and Sony. For over 14 years, she has been deeply involved in the production and development of product strategy, vision and design, guiding and influencing design process with each team and project. Sara reads everything she can get her hands on and prides herself in being an armchair social and cognitive scientist and researcher. Academically, she is trained as a technologist and visual designer, with a BS in Computer Graphics Technology, from Purdue University.

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