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43 Chewy Chong serves us some IE9 humble pie.

Published: 3/28/2011

Clark managed to somehow transfer into the Redmond distortion field and meet up with an old friend, Chewy Chong. Chewy works on the IE9 team inside of Windows organization and serves us a delicious slice of IE9 humble pie. We have an honest conversation about today’s browsers, frameworks and the current state state of IE. Chewy explains what it means to us developers and site owners.

Show Notes

whois Chewy Chong?

Chewy Chong has played many roles over his development career from hardcore developer to product manager.  Regardless of the role, Chewy’s passion for technology is infectious and always humbling.  He tells it like it is, while being pragmatic and honest. Chewy has lived all over the world and is currently calling Redmond WA home.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

IE9 Resources:

Great examples of pinned sites:


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