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42 3 Guys, 3 Helpers, NOT Three’s Company with Brandon Satrom

Published: 3/24/2011

Clark and Mark sit down with Microsoft’s Brandon Satrom to talk through three very different implementations of an ASP.NET Helper. We dive into the dirty details of each and how come each implementation is just so different.

Show Notes:

whois Brandon Satrom?

Brandon Satrom is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, based in Austin, TX. He has eleven years of industry experience, splitting his time evenly between consulting/service organizations and internal IT shops before joining Microsoft in June of 2010. A Software and Enterprise Architect, Brandon has worked on projects of all shapes for companies large and small, most recently using technologies such as WCF, WF and ASP.NET MVC with a healthy dose of OSS. Brandon loves writing and speaking, and has written articles for The Architecture Journal and MSDN Magazine. He lives in Austin with his wife and son and blogs about software architecture and development at


This is the list of helpers were were talking about:

The following are the links mentioned during the show:

We also referenced David Ebbo’s and his blog post about writing a cshtml helper that was embedded in an assembly.


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