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41 with Matt LeMay

Published: 2/16/2011

What’s the first rule of…You can’t a! Mark and Clark talk to Matt LeMay of about their API’s, the analytics that they provide, how they are used, how they fit in to the internet ecosystem and where they are hoping to go in the future.

Show Notes

Matt LeMay:

In this show we talk to Matt who is the platform manager at, where he works with developers to integrate the API and hosts a monthly "hackabit" hackathon. In his spare time, Matt is a music and audio geek.


  • API Documentation: This is where you can find out how to integrate services into your application.
  • Domainr: Find out what top-level domains are available for your brand.  Go here and test out your ideas and get suggestions.
  • OAuth Community Site:  An open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications.
  •  What people are watching.
  • Sidebar Bookmarklet: The Sidebar Bookmarklet slides out to shorten your long link, then shows Traffic, Conversations, and History.
  • Chrome Extension: Shorten from within the Chrome browser


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