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33 UX with Corey Miller

Published: 10/5/2010

In this musing Mark and Clark chat with Microsoft MVP Corey Miller aka The XAML Mammal about everything UX. Corey dives into what it really means to be a designer in today's world.

Show Notes

Who is Corey Miller?

Corey is a professional designer and software developer with extensive experience in multimedia, web & windows based applications. A pioneer in Flash and Silverlight development, he uniquely combines design sensibility with rock-solid Microsoft .NET development skills. Recently, he was instrumental in developing a Silverlight business application (the first of its kind) for a major railroad company. Corey is highly active in the designer/developer space, co-founder of CD2UG, has served as a presenting speaker at numerous community events, and Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev.

Corey's six UX principals

  1. How well is the application and it's design communication it's message
  2. What is it's overall usability
  3. Visual Aesthetics
  4. Its utility
  5. Its delivery
  6. Its overall hype with its customers

A few other interesting tidbits:

  • Create a persona and use it in your daily interactions.
  • Be part of your local user groups
  • Layout is about understanding composition and design principals
  • Understand Typography and Color Theory
  • Make sure to take a look at all of the great sessions at this past years Microsoft MIX conference.

A few books on UX:

A great tip Corey gave everyone.  When you see something you like. Take a picture, or a snippet of it and make a note about why.  Then you can go back and reference that portfolio to incorporate into your own designs.

He also talked about looking for patterns in life.  Corey discussed his project at the railroad company and how creating an interface was just sitting right in front of them.  You can also see another great example of exactly that with the Microsoft Metro Design Interface for Windows Phone 7.


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