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32 TFS Migrations with Ed Blankenship

Published: 9/24/2010

In this musing Clark and Mark chat with MVP Ed Blankenship. The TFS fan boys sit down and muse about doing TFS migrations.

Show Notes

Who is Ed Blankenship?

Ed is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Consultant with Notion Solutions.  His expertise is in Microsoft Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server in which he has been actively using, managing, and implementing for nearly five years since the beginning of those products in 2005.  He has been awarded since 2008 as a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio ALM, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System.

Ed was voted as the Microsoft MVP of the Year (Visual Studio ALM, TFS) for 2010 by his peers.

As an ALM Consultant, he assists organizations with improving their development lifecycle by suggesting improvements to their processes and implementing Application Lifecycle Management tools to assist with that improvement.  By using Visual Studio ALM and Team Foundation Server, customers can immediately see value from their improvements.

Ed was previously the Release Engineering Manager at Infragistics where he led a multi-year TFS & Visual Studio Team System implementation to improve the development process lifecycle.

Ed has been a technical editor for the Wrox Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight 2 Developer's Guide, Silverlight 3 Programmer's Reference, and Silverlight 2 Bible books, author of numerous articles, and has spoken at various user groups, events, radio shows, and conferences.

Here is the list of sites and\or resources mentioned in this musing:

When doing a TFS Migration make sure you think about some of the following items:

  • Are you a big TFS project or little TFS Project kind of guy?  Think about your organization and their reporting structures when considering "the size" of your TFS projects.
  • Think about how you would report on things?  What types of questions are you trying to answer with your reports?
  • Did you know that Branch Visualization doesn't work across Team Projects ( at least as of the time of writing this )
  • Treat the migration just like any other product development you would do.
  • 1 gig of source typically takes 24 hours to migrate.  That is execution time.
  • How much history do you really need?  Was it worth the cost to migrate?

Tips and Tricks

Due to the length of the show, we skipped this musings tip or trick.


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