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30 Taking a REST with Scott Seely

Published: 9/1/2010

Taking a little REST using .NET WCF. Scott Seely educates us on the use of .NET WCF within the world of REST, POX and URI's, .NET 4.0, REST vs. SOAP, HATEOAS vs. TUK, DataContract vs. XMLSerializable and more religious wars. This recording was done just minutes after a tornado touched down just outside of DS Studio North so as a result, we were all a little excited.

- Show Notes

Scott Seely:  Member of the staff at PluralSight, he teaches courses on distributed .NET Architecture, WCF, REST.  He's an author of 6 books.  A newly appointed Regional Director in the Microsoft Regional Director Program.  And, he is the co-leader of the Lake County .NET Users Group.

Some of the topics that we discussed:

  • REST vs. SOAP
  • REST is not a protocol
  • Schools of thought of how to represent REST resources:
  • How WCF is used in a RESTful environment
  • Windows Phone 7 and WCF and REST
  • RIA Services
  • What's in (and out of) .NET 4.0 WCF
  • DataContract vs. XMLSerializable (when to use one over the other)



  • Scott Seely's web site:
  • Scott is currently authoring "Essential WCF" 2nd Addition - Addison Wesley - Scheduled for release in December 2010


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