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28 HTML5 with Brian Hogan

Published: 7/2/2010

In this musing Clark and Mark chat with Pragmatic Bookshelf author Brian Hogan. We explore some of the different aspects of HTML5 and what it offers.

Show Notes


Who is Brian Hogan?

Brian Hogan has been developing web sites since 1995 as both a consultant for his company New Auburn Personal Computer Services and as a developer at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has five years of Rails development experience and over ten years of web application development experience with ASP and PHP. He maintains the HTML5 and CSS3 learning tool Rendera, the portfolio site FeelMySkills, code sharing site SnippetStash. He provides small group or one-on-one training and mentoring for developers on topics such as web design, accessibility, Ruby on Rails, test-driven development, and graphic design concepts. He is the author of Web Design for Developers published by the Pragmatic Bookshelf, and has contributed a chapter on Windows deployment to the book Deploying Rails Applications. He is also the co-author of the book "Rails for Windows", published by O'Reilly.

You can catch Brian and all of his great work at:

Here is a great list of resources mentioned in this show:

The following is a short list of books mentioned:


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