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27 Application Architecture and PowerShell with Steven Murawski

Published: 6/9/2010

In this version, Clark and Mark chat with Steven Murawski and talk a bit about PowerShell. This isn't a show about what PowerShell is but rather why it should be an upfront design tenant of everyone's application. architecture.

Show Notes

Who is Steven Murawski?

I'm the Director for Research and Development for ProPhoenix, a public safety software company. This position allows me to investigate new and existing technologies and incorporate them into our product line, with the end goal being to help public safety agencies to do their jobs more efficiently and safely.

I'm an advocate for PowerShell, as I believe it encourages administrative best practices and allows developers to provide additional access to their applications, without needing to explicitly write code for each administrative feature. Part of my advocacy for PowerShell includes my blog, appearances on various podcasts, and acting as a Community Director for PowerShellCommunity.Org

I'm also a co-host of Mind of Root (a weekly audio podcast about systems administration, tech news, and topics).  We stream our show live on on Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM CST. 


We started the show off referencing something Clark heard on the That was show #54 and #64

You can catch Steven and all of his great work at:

Here is a great list of resources mentioned in this show:

The following is a short list of books Clark finds helpful:

Tips or Tricks

Mark's tip this week is to check out the Windows PowerShell Quick Reference.

Steve's tip of the week was more like a plethora of tips.  I guess that will make up for the fact Clark was unprepared.


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