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26 Event Driven Architectures with Matt Long

Published: 6/3/2010

We're getting deep with a discussion about Event Driven Architecture - what it is and what it can do. We're talking to our friend and Microsoft colleague Matt Long

Show Notes

Matt Long: A fellow Microsoft employee who has a passion for web/distributed technologies including security and, in this case, event driven architecture. Matt holds the distinct honor of being the most recorded Developer Smackdown guest.  Unfortunately, the other recordings met with technical and other difficulties and haven't been heard.  We kept trying though and this podcast is the result.  Third time's the charm.

Technologies that can help facilitate EDA:

  • Windows Azure / Service Bus
  • WCF
  • Robotics Studio (we didn't talk about it in the podcast but it is an EDA - specifically the CCR & DSS)

Learn about SQL Server StreamInsight here or more info here

Here's a powerpoint deck on EDA


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