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21 MIX10 - Live from MIX day 4 (Last Day Recap)

Published: 3/17/2010

Today the quick update turned into a group discussion with Lance Larson, Travis Feirtag and Aaron Hoffman about what we all saw and heard at MIX10.

Show Notes

Being the last day and all, things were much more subdued.  We went to a few sessions and this is the highlights.

Web Deployment with MSDeploy - Say good-bye to XCopy

Scott Hanselman presented all the new features of MSDeploy (part of VS2010) including:

  • Online publishing (immediate deployment)
  • Offline packaging for later deployment
  • XSLT Transformation of config files during deployment
  • Creates a zip file of the package and a cmd file for deploying
  • Test mode
  • Remote deployment
  • Export to/from IIS7
  • Works with existing applications

Orchard Project - Content management and blog site functionality

  • Extensible through module development
  • Blog engine included
  • Simple content management included


Thanks to everyone that tuned in and listened to the Smackdown. 


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