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20 MIX10 - Live from MIX day 3 (official day 2)

Published: 3/16/2010

Today the quick update turned into a group discussion with Lance Larson, Travis Feirtag and Aaron Hoffman about what we all saw and heard at MIX10.

Show Notes


Today's show includes several guests.  Many thanks to Lance Larson, Travis Feirtag and Aaron Hoffman for joining us in what was going to be a quick recap of the day but turned into a really interesting conversation about what we all got out of the day at MIX10.

The keynote this morning was awesome again, quite a few presentations and demos around things to come and some that are already here. 

Internet Explorer 9 (a current work in progress) - you can install the testdrive version now. Following HTML5 standards was the first point.  The ultimate goal is to display the same output across all browsers. Performance demonstrations were also shown and very impressive.

Scott Guthrie highlighted several new features in Visual Studio 2010

OData - Open Data Prodocol which is a standard way to provide data feeds that open up huge possibilities of using web/intranet data

Because of the taste of OData, we went to a few specific sessions.  The first was "OData: There's a Feed for That" (Pablo Castro) and he talked about where the OData protocol evolved from and their goals.  After that he showed how to access the data through the feeds.  Good discussion for consumers of web data and how OData improves the capabilities.

After getting a taste of that we needed to know how to publish so we went to OData: How to Create a Feed for That by Mike Flasko.  He demonstrated how to publish OData feeds in a .NET service environment.

There's a lot more in here.  Too much to list.



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