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19 MIX10 - Live from MIX day 2 (official day 1)

Published: 3/15/2010

Today we got to hear an amazing keynote at MIX10 about Silverlight 4.0 and Windows Phone 7 Series. Saw some really impressive demos of applications for the phone that were created in only 3 weeks. Then, went to some sessions talking about the phone, MVVM, app development and more.

Show Notes

Notes from some sessions we saw today:

From Cheesy Sample to Social Platform - Scott Hanselman

Scott used the site and code to demonstrate some conveniences that you can build into your web site to promote social activities.  You've seen this done on a lot of web sites and Scott pointed out some specific ideas.

  • Use Geo-Location to do things like display information relative to the user's current location.  So using services you can use the client IP address and find where the user is "calling from".  With that you can show maps, do more contextual lookups, etc.
  • Implement hooks into social connections like Twitter and Facebook.  Though user click permission, post what the user is currently doing, or planning or reading about, etc.
  • Use approaches like Open Search to create more standardized search results within your site
  • Use MicroFormats which is additional markup attributes to provide metadata for information displayed in your site pages to promote better searching, crawling, etc.
  • Provide flexibility in the way users are authenticated through multiple login services (OpenID, YahooID, etc.) possibly in addition to standard forms authentication
  • Provide for RSS feeds on your content


Overview of Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform - Charlie Kindle

This session was packed! Charlie showed the concepts and goals that went into the development of the application platform for WP7 and demonstrated how all of it became a reality.

  • Integrated Experience - "Hubs" and the "3 Screens" (People, Office, Pictures, Music/Video, Marketplace and Games)
  • Hardware
    • Consistent capabilities across all phones
    • 1 resolution at launch (800x480)
    • 2nd added later (480x320)
    • Same touch capabilities
    • Consistent CPU
    • Consistent RAM
    • Optional physical keyboard
  • Experience = People + Standards + Server Code + Client Code (Demo: MIX Scheduler on the phone)
  • Users need to be able to customize the phone
  • Developers need the ability to be profitable
  • Enable all this through the cloud
  • 2 types of applications
    • "Apps" - Silverlight
    • Games - XNA
  • Useable sandbox
  • Service-based application deployment
  • Emulator has to be realistic (Phone OS compiled for x86 in a VM)


Build Your Own MVVM Framework - Rob Eisenberg

He is the creator of Caliburn which is a very popular MVVM framework.  In this session he showed a Caliburn influenced very lightweight MVVM framework.




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